Pathways Coaching

In life we have pathways and many decisions to make along the way and the choices we make as individuals can impact on our future. The decisions we make and which path we take need to be based upon our own beliefs and values. Pathways is a programme designed to provide the individual with the necessary skills and tools to decide upon which pathway to take and how to reach his / her specific goal.

Who Uses Coaching and why?

We all use coaching as part of what we do every day in making decisions, solving issues, moving forward, however sometimes we get stuck and cannot move forward.

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Do I need a goal in mind?

Not necessary but ideally some issue would be of benefit. Some people come to coaching with some unhappiness in their life but would like to try and get into a positive attitude.

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How long do the sessions last?

Each session lasts approx. 1 hr – as to the number of sessions that depends upon the individual but it would be expected that 6 sessions should achieve the necessary result.

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